If your aim is to have a team of creative, dedicated and open-minded individuals who know how to manage stress and remain focused when working under pressure you will be interested in developing a mindful culture in your organisation.


Mindfulness for business can improve workplace relationships, as when you communicate mindfully you become better able to regulate your emotions. Good communication is at the very heart of relationships. Developing greater levels of mindful awareness, you become skilled at listening to both the words being spoken and how the person is feeling.


Mindfulness for business can help teams work together more effectively. Developing a mindful culture in the work place can help leaders and employees become more aware of social dynamics as they arise and change in the present moment.

Your well-being is our passion, which is why we offer bespoke courses for your staff.

We offer a full range of introductory sessions, workshops and mindfulness courses , all tailored to meet your organisation’s particular needs. Our workplace mindfulness training is designed to assist your organisation, increase productivity and reduce employee  absence, staff turnover and interpersonal conflicts.

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Mindfulness for business

A resilient work force is a productive work force.   Mindfulness for business can help employees be more aware of their mental processes, and choose the most appropriate strategy to deal with the task in front of them.


Mindfulness for business can help your organisation improve productivity as employees are better able to think strategically,   deal better with complexity and make decisions based in the present moment.


‘I learnt how to manage stressful and emotional situations’.

‘The course has given me peace and coping strategies’.

‘I am much calmer generally’.

‘I learnt how to achieve peace and calm’


Our clients include:-  The Excellence Cluster, George House, DHSB, The Harbour Centre,  Truro College, Beyond Limits, Brunel Primary School, Widey Court Primary School, Marjons, Plymouth Community Homes and MS recovery programme.