Couples often attend our mindfulness courses together. Couples who regularly practice mindfulness see improvements to their relationship happiness. Incorporating mindfulness into your relationship can help you develop the skill of slowing down and truly listening to your partner. Mindfulness can increase your awareness of what you are experiencing and allows you the space to decide how you want to act in your daily life. Mindfulness is a valuable tool for facing the daily challenges of staying close to our partners. When you learn to anchor yourself in the present moment, you can communicate clearly and from the heart. This enables couples to stay emotionally connected which enhances feelings of safety and security.


Becoming a mindful partner can increase our ability to experience and express empathy which leads to better outcomes in our relationships.


Mindfulness can help you develop confidence in your relationship. It can teach you the art of communication.   Developing the skill of mindful listening will help you stay open-hearted and connected in your relationship. It gives you the confidence in knowing that your partner is committed to mindful communication.

Saturday morning of mindfulness  

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8-week mindfulness course

starts  Mon 11th Feb, 2019

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A couple working together in a mindful way will naturally have double the heart available. Mindfulness can help you create and strengthen your emotional bond which is a fundamental quality in the development of healthy and happy relationships.


Mindfulness can help couples become mindful parents as they learn to become less reactive and more intentional in their words and actions. Developing the skill of mindful parenting, we can learn to be more present in general with our children and more intentional in our interactions with them. Becoming more present in our parenting can enhance our connection with our children and the family as a whole. Mindfulness practice can also be very rewarding and beneficial to children.