New Mindfulness Retreat in the sun – Summer 2021

Retreat cost £950.00

(excluding flights).

This includes 7 nights full board, airport transfers, daily room service, mindfulness/coaching sessions, excursions and evening restoration.

The retreat includes full board

Everything at the Rhiad is either home grown or sourced from within three miles of the Rhiad.

Our Moroccan hosts work with local people to ensure high quality produce as well as supporting local businesses in the community.

As part of your well-being experience you will experience home made Moroccan food.

Our host Sarah really encourages residents to try the Moroccan food even if its just once.

Each time you return to the Rhiad you will be welcomed with a pot of traditional Moroccan tea and home-made biscuits sourced from the local women’s’ association.

Daily Mindfulness Sessions

Julie, will be offering two mindfulness sessions per day (morning and evening).

These sessions will support participants to develop a mindfulness practice to incorporate into everyday life.

During the retreat participants will learn the simple practice and benefits of being in the here and now.

Practices will include mindful breathing, mindful movement, mindful eating and mindful communication.

Individual coaching sessions will be available as part of the treat experience.




The retreat includes a range of trips (included in the cost) so that you get to explore day to day life in Morocco.

 Trips include:-

The local Moroccan market described as an assault of your senses. The colours and aromas emanating from the local produce is simply stunning

Paradise Valley

A series of plunge pools and waterfalls set in the Moroccan mountains. The views our breathtaking.


Is untouched by Tourism and its one of the few cities still standing in South Morroco. In the 1950’s there was a massive eathquake which flattened the whole of Agadir.


Optional Extras

Participants will also have the opportunity to experience:-

2 1/2 hour surfing lesson

Cooking lesson – learn to cook some of the food that you have tried and then take these recipes with you.

Tradition steam bath, known as the Hammam lovingly offered by the Moroccan women.

Traditional Henna evening with  Moroccan entertainment (food and music)

Pay £100 deposit and secure

your place today