Our mindfulness courses for individuals are tailored specifically to give you the tools to deal with the issues that might be impacting your life more effectively.  Stressful events are part of life, but the way in which we cope with these events decides whether we feel ruled by these events. How we respond can influence whether the stress becomes hard to handle and whether other unhelpful ways of behaving come into play. As we become more aware of our feelings, body sensations and thoughts, we can find we have more choice about how to handle the stressful situation and we can free ourselves from less helpful habitual ways of behaving.

Our mindfulness courses for individuals will be helpful for anyone who is struggling with symptoms of stress and anxiety and those who are looking to adjust their work/life balance. During the course you will learn to become more aware of your mind and body, to reduce negative thought patterns, to stay in touch with awareness of the present moment and to develop more healthy responses to stress.  Mindfulness training teaches you different ways to work with the mind. It gives you techniques to be more in control of your mind so that you can respond skillfully and kindly to the people and situations that trip you up.

Saturday Mornings of Mindfulness 

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New 8-week mindfulness course starts Mon 13th May, 2019

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Life is precious. What we do with our time, moment to moment has a big influence on our general wellbeing. Living in the moment means savouring the time you spend with family and friends.


Practicing mindfulness can help you to think more clearly and focus on the task in front of you.

It can lead to a healthier and happier work/life balance.

Everyday Mindfulness


Learn to cherish each moment. Living mindfully helps you to appreciate the simplicity of life, such a drinking a cup of tea, eating a meal with friends and walking barefoot on the grass.  Being mindful can make it easier to savour the simple pleasures in life as they occur, helps you become fully engaged in activities, and creates a greater capacity to deal with adverse events.


Regular practice of mindfulness improves both mental and physical health. It can help you to develop an attitude of acceptance and kindly awareness to whatever is happening in the moment.