8-week mindfulness course for teens

Starts Jan 2019

Mindfulness for teens is an 8-week mindfulness skills programme designed specifically for teens. The aim of the programme is to help teens deal with stress, find balance and learn simple and effective relaxation skills.

Stressed teens was founded by Gina Beigal. It is based on clinical and non-clinical work with 1000’s of adolescents individually, with families, in groups and in larger education and community settings.  The intention for stress teens is for teens to learn skills and tools that will help them to function more adaptively and improve their quality of life.

Cost £150 which includes course workbook and practice CD

stay focused


You can bring mindfulness awareness to anything you do, including your schoolwork. Mindfulness can help teens stay centered and focused during homework or an important test. Staying focused means teens don’t get buffeted about by negative thoughts and feelings.

  • chill


Mindfulness can help teens enjoy the pleasant moments in life. Learning to notice what little things in life can bring you happiness can improve your mood and reduce stress.


The mindfulness for stressed teens programme has three stages.

  • 1. Development and broad awareness and insight.
  • 2. An increase in present moment functioning and living.
  • 3. Maintenance and growth.

manage stress


Mindfulness can help teens become aware of how they deal with stress. Not all ways of coping with stress are helpful.  Developing healthy ways of coping with stress  is part of the mindfulness programme.

find balance


Human beings spend a lot of time in their heads, thinking. When we spend so much time thinking we are not able to enjoy the present moment. Mindfulness can support teens to develop a school/life balance. Spending quality time with friends and family  can help life to feel more balanced.

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